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Particulate filter with oil

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The North Honeywell 7506R95 filter belongs to the category of particle filters that are responsible for improving the efficiency, quality and performance of cartridges manufactured for the treatment of vapors and gases.

This type of filter is ideal for use in areas with environments that contain paint particles or environments that contain oil or any other environment with particles derived from petroleum.

Its efficiency in filtering tasks is at least 95%, and it is compatible for use with North Honeywell full-mask and half-mask respirators . This North Honeywell 7506R95 filter requires the use of retainer 750036, which must be purchased separately.

This filter pad has a screwing system for easy and practical placement. They are sold in packages with several units, since their period of use is quite limited due to the fact that it is a class R filter, its useful life period is shortened more when it is used in environments saturated with particles based on petroleum or oils.

Its value is quite affordable and is very useful when carrying out tasks such as painting cars or the smoke generated by welding tasks, one of the most resistant filters for air purifying respirators and with a quality superior to other filters of this type , available in the current market.


  • Compatible for use with Honeywell North 5400, 7600 and RU6500 series full face mask cartridge and filter combinations.
  • It can also be applied to Honeywell North brand 5500, 7700 and RU8500 series half masks .
  • Its color code is white, and it is indicated for use in the presence of oil-based particles.
  • It has a threaded type connection system, for quick, easy and safe placement.
  • The North Honeywell 7506R95 filter comes in packages of 10 R95 filter units.
  • It belongs to the group of R filters and for this reason, they are filters of limited use in environments with aerosol particles derived from petroleum; their duration in this type of environment is 8 hours.
  • Filtering performance is 95% efficient.
  • Meets NIOSH approved standards.
  • Ideal for replacing worn filters on Honeywell North N-series respirators.


  • Durable replacement filter with proven 95% efficiency.
  • The industrial protection equipment of the North line, including R95 filters , are completely reliable and high-performance.
  • It provides protection to its workers during the execution of common activities or tasks related to environments loaded with particles composed of oil, such as mechanical workshops, automobile painting, metallurgical industries, among other areas.
  • In addition to offering protection against particulate matter, they offer convenience and comfort.
  • Easy to replace and quite accessible in their presentation of packages of 10 units.
  • Sealing verifications are very easy to verify by users of this type of products.
  • Distinctive white color code that indicates its application for environments with aerosols based on petroleum and other types of oils.


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