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Charger for BW microclip detector

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

A Detector is a security device that must remain active when its time comes. Sensors draw current constantly since they operate that way. Using a Catalytic bead or the most modern ones that use infrared technology that is low consumption. However, all detectors require power.

Therefore, having the correct charger will provide you with less waiting time and the optimal voltage required by each of the gas detector models you are using. Fortunately, for the BW and Honeywell BW line of detectors, only one type of charger is used, in this way it is friendly to the environment. By generating less waste of electronic materials that are a source of concern for environmentalists.

Our chargers as well as gas detectors do not become obsolete on a scheduled basis. On the contrary, all equipment is replaceable and its software can be updated with the appropriate technical support.

To maintain the original quality of your equipment, we supply the only portable voltage charger that is compatible with your gas detector and operates safely.


If your voltage charger is damaged, dispose of it immediately and safely.

always connect the equipment indoors and avoid environments with water or humidity

Never wait for your detector to discharge completely. but before the alarms are activated, turn it off and charge it

Maintain your original equipment with the charger for the BW technologies line of Gas detectors.

Don't make unsafe connections or cast spells to charge your device.

If you have more than one detector, use the multiple voltage charger for up to 5 devices.

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