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Aluminized Back

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

Aluminized Rayon backing for use in High Temperature and Welding activities with cotton canvas interior lining.


It acts as an insulator and reflective of radiant heat.

Due to its design, it is safe and allows better performance of the bait gloves.

Areas of use/risks

Welding processes

Welding operations

Contact with hot surfaces, abrasion, cutting and penetration


Its use is not recommended for maneuvers with materials saturated with liquids such as water, oil or excessive grease and in operations with Chemical and Electrical risks.

This equipment should not be used if it is wet, damp, torn or torn as this would compromise the personal safety of the user.

Do not use in operations not recommended in the risk analysis, the company's security department must be consulted to diagnose and validate its applications and uses appropriately.


This PPE is a specialty so it should not be considered as general use, since it is limited to protect only from High Temperature Activities with low mechanical risks. Use in operations where there is another type of risk can cause serious injuries to people. hands and/or prematurely deteriorate or even render the equipment unusable.

The design of the equipment is to reflect radiant heat only on the back of the hand. Direct contact with the spark, the surface or the flame deteriorates the equipment


Its use is strictly prohibited in tasks with Chemical (alkaline, acid, etc.) electrical risks and with excess humidity.

Technical specifications

Back Measurements

Length: 17cm

Width: 15cm

Aluminized Rayon

Weight: 19 oz (538.64 g)

Thickness: 0.059 inches (1 mm)

Reflection of radiant heat. 2000°F (1093.3°C)

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