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BizFlame Plus Class 3 Fireproof Coverall & Electric Arc

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The FR93 flame retardant and electric arc coverall from the Portwest brand is a labor protection garment that offers safety, comfort and versatility. It is designed to protect the user from thermal and electrical risks at work, as well as adverse weather conditions.

The coverall is made of a flame retardant and antistatic fabric, composed of 80% cotton, 19% fire retardant polyester and 1% carbon fiber. This fabric has a high resistance to fire and electrostatic discharges, which prevents the spread of flames and the accumulation of electrical charges. In addition, it has a weight of 340 gr/m², which gives it great durability and resistance to wear.

The jumpsuit has several details that increase its functionality and safety. It has an ergonomic and comfortable cut, which facilitates mobility and breathability.

  • It has a high collar with a hook-and-loop closure to protect the neck and throat.
  • It has a hidden double-car front zipper, which avoids direct contact with the skin and prevents possible burns.
  • It has two chest pockets with hidden zippers, two side flap pockets, a back flap pocket, a flap sleeve pocket and a ruler pocket, which allow you to store tools and personal items.
  • It has reflective tapes sewn with double stitches on the shoulders, arms and legs, which improve visibility in low light conditions.
  • It has adjustable cuffs with hook-and-loop closure for a firm fit. It has a detachable hood with an adjustable drawstring, which can be stored in the collar when not in use.
  • It has an elastic waist to adapt to all measurements. It has a zippered back flap for easy access to the inner pants.

The coverall meets international quality and safety standards, which guarantee its effectiveness and reliability. These rules are the following:

  • EN ISO 11612:2015, which specifies performance requirements for heat and flame protective clothing. The suit meets levels A1+A2, B1, C1, E3 and F1, which indicate its resistance to contact, convective and radiant heat, molten metal splashes and electrical radiation.
  • EN ISO 11611:2015, which specifies performance requirements for protective clothing for welding and related techniques. The coverall complies with class 2, which indicates its suitability for work with higher risks.
  • EN 1149-5:2018, which specifies performance requirements for protective clothing against electrostatic hazards. The suit meets the requirements for dissipation of electrical charges and electrostatic shielding.
  • IEC 61482-2:2018, which specifies performance requirements for protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. The suit complies with method A (ATPV), which indicates its thermal protection value against an electric arc.
  • ASTM F1959/F1959M-12, which specifies the test method to determine the thermal protection value against an electric arc. The monkey has an ATPV value of 8.4 cal/cm².
  • ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 ATPV 16 CAL/CM2 (HAF 83.7%)

It also has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+, which means it blocks 98% of UV rays. This helps prevent sun damage to the skin and reduces the risk of cancer.

Five different colors to choose from: navy blue, orange and red. It has a modern and practical design, which adapts to the user's needs. It has a size from XS to 5XL, which allows you to choose the most appropriate one according to your body measurements.

The FR93 Coverall or Jumpsuit is an ideal garment for workers who face environments with a risk of fire or explosion, such as welders, electricians, firefighters, oil workers, etc.

It offers effective and long-lasting protection, without sacrificing comfort and versatility.

  • Weight: 340 Grs

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