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P100 Filter for Sperian Half Face Masks

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

If you are looking for an efficient and low-cost filter compatible with Sperian's line of half-face masks, the Sperian 105005 filter is also low-cost to protect you from dangerous particles such as welding fumes or dusts because within the industrial area it is very common to be exposed to dangers. The activities carried out are the manipulation of complex substances that put personnel at risk.

All clothing is important for the worker, it must be resistant and of quality. There are substances in the air that cannot be seen with the naked eye but for the body they turn out to be fatal. The entire organism is important, in this case the respiratory system will always be affected.

Honeywell North 105005 series filters strengthen respiratory protection and keep people healthy.


  • It is a 105005 oil-proof filter , it has safe and effective protection. For more safety, it has been approved with a 99.97% efficiency of particles of 0.3 micrometers in diameter, to prevent contamination of solid and liquid substances such as oil.
  • It is an accessory that is very easy to install and also complies with NIOSH regulations. The color that identifies Honeywell North Filter 105005 is magenta, it is a good identification that refers to its functions.
  • The Honeywell 105005 filter is a P100 filter for H5 replacement. It is also compatible with S series face and half face respirators. The filter and cartridge combination will protect very well when put on correctly.


  • The Honeywell North filter will protect 100% from harmful particles such as: chemicals, pollution, vapors, among others. Its greatest use is in the area of ​​smelting mining, in the case where the worker is exposing breathing in cold environments.
  • The industrial areas for which these filters will be effective are: Construction, food services, agriculture, government entities, pharmaceutical area, transportation, oil and gas, steel and metals, and others that are related to the contaminating substances referred to the model.
  • The 105005 series filter has a thread that facilitates easy adjustment to the cartridge. The main function of the product is that it will filter polluting agents that come from the environment, so that you can breathe easily without risking inhaling vapors or gases.


To select the filters, several aspects must be studied, including what the level of exposure will be, what types of contaminants will be present and how long the personnel will be exposed during work.

It has been proven that Honeywell North is the brand that all industry experts prefer, as they have dedicated themselves to manufacturing products that are reliable and quality. It is for this reason that the 105005 series filters are necessary for these companies.

All filters are designed to protect against harmful substances or particles in the air. However, they must be used to reduce the flow of certain contaminants for which it has been manufactured.

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