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Replacement cartridge for Organic Vapors and Acid Gases

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

Pair of Cartridges for Organic Vapors and Acid Gases for Sperian masks

The industrial area is a work field that has a variety of risks. Human beings are continually in possible danger and to be safe they have different forms of protection. One of the causes of stockout is not having quality products; in the case of respiratory protection there are a variety of accessories.

The objective of these products is to regularly prevent the inhalation of any contaminating substance. For this Honeywell North Filter ( B100300 ) is for use especially in confined spaces where there are chemicals in the air.

Cartridges with activated carbon Honeywell North B100300 series are designed for everyday respiratory protection. Its main function is to keep the person active in their activities and feel less exhaustion.


  • The B100300 series filters have been approved for use in the protection of organic vapors and in turn chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and formaldehyde.
  • The low profile will not interfere with vision during work days. These filters are compatible for safe protection with the 5500/7700 series half masks and of course with the 5400/7600 series full masks.
  • The Filter ( B100300 ) must always be used in pairs; in case of changes, both must be used. The threaded connection will facilitate a very quick and reliable adjustment. For effective recognition, verify that your coding is yellow.


  • Honeywell North always at the forefront with quality, every detail of its products is efficient and reliable. It effectively protects against all contaminants, plus its seal checks will allow users to use them easily.
  • The main areas that use the Filter ( B100300 ) are: Agriculture, oil, gas, fire protection, construction, medical service, chemical, welding, transportation, among others. These products comply with NIOSH regulations, which guarantee reliability in companies. Likewise, they have 99.97% efficiency in protecting particles.


Before selecting a good combination between cartridges and filters, it is due to different aspects, from the level of exposure, type of contaminants and of course the time in which the user will be exposed during work.

Industrial specialists will always trust all the products offered by Honeywell North , which is why the B100300 series filters are essential and reliable for the proper functioning of companies. Therefore, you must have these accessories that will take care of the health of the workers.

Each product has an expiration date, which is why staff should be advised to pay attention to any changes during the use of the filters. The common thing is to feel more fatigue, odors and tastes inside the mask, from that moment on the filters should be replaced.

The Filter ( B100300 ) is designed to protect personnel from some dangerous substances or particles. It is preferable to use them strictly for what they have been manufactured for, it has not been proven that they are capable of preventing the fluid from other contaminants.

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