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Original Dupont Disposable Tyvek Suit

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

Tyvek garments offer protection, durability and comfort in a unique non-woven material that provides protection from both dry particles and splashes of water and some chemicals.

Our disposable coveralls will allow you to work safely in work environments regardless of the risk or level of contamination since it is completely waterproof but allows the user to breathe, providing a higher level of comfort.

These suits are personal protective equipment that inherently offer a barrier to splashes from certain products.

This model has been part of a duPont Tyvek initiative to ensure the supply of Tyvek during the Covid pandemic. Producing a very high quality laminated product with all the properties of traditional Tyvek but at a much higher production speed.

For your convenience and safety it is packed in an individual bag.


  • You will have a disposable product that will protect you from almost any type of liquid, gaseous, solid chemical substance, bacteria, viruses, among others.
  • Its manufacture made of high-density polyethylene allows greater durability of the product in question and allows it to stretch and be totally flexible when carrying out all types of activities.
  • He Disposable protective coverall with hood and elastic cuff is designed to allow the worker to breathe so that he/she does not end up being left without oxygen or suffocating.
  • Its design has woven microfibers with which you can have greater resistance when carrying out the necessary tasks.
  • You can use it for jobs such as environmental cleaning, laboratory work of all kinds, for medical and hospital use, protection against almost any type of substance and protection against any virus or bacteria.


    unique-tyvek-material.png Unique material: Strong, light, flexible, smooth, does not shed fibers, opaque, does not degrade with water, chemicals, abrasion or aging.

    comfort-tyvek.png Comfort: Differences between fibers create spaces through the entire thickness of the material. These spaces allow water vapor and air to flow, but create a winding path to block particles.
    protection-tyvek.png Protection: Barrier protection throughout the material. 100% of the material is protective, not just a film or coating layer.
    Protection against solid air partition chemicals
    TYVEK® acts as a barrier against many inorganic chemicals at low concentrations and particles larger than 1 m. Tyvek® does not pill. Its smooth surface repels liquid and prevents solid particles from entering
    TYVEK® is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing and can confidently face the harsh environments where protective clothing is worn. The following photos illustrate the behavior of protective clothing materials that have been subjected to Abrasion.


    Medical Use

    Food processing

    Use in clean rooms

    Industrial maintenance


    Do not use near flames or expose to electric arc work.

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