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Prescription safety glasses

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Size: Transparent

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The Uvex RX brand SW10 safety glasses are light and dielectric prescription frames, with a curvature or prescription base of 06, to prevent distortions and better precision in prescriptions, easily adjustable to the face because they are designed with the most common curves whose optometrist specialists they use, are easily configurable with any prescription and adjusts to the standard measurements of opticians and stores in the industry.

On the other hand, the Uvex RX SW10 Clear and SW10 Black have a frame with an excellent combination of protection and a sporty style. The lightweight, wrap-around frame is designed to fit a wide range of workers, providing increased coverage, side protection and superior peripheral vision.

SW10 safety glasses have all the safety and protection measures that workers require to stay safe from any impact. They comply with ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standards, which provides complete security to buyers around the world.

They also have adjustable temples, a dielectric frame without metal parts and also protect from dust.

Any treatment such as anti-reflective, dark tints or anti-fogging can be applied to the lenses.

They include a carrying case available in a choice of black frame or a modern transparent frame.


  • The Uvex RX , SW10 Clear Frame , have a Dielectric Frame without metal parts for use in electrical risk environments. We find it in transparent and black presentations ( SW10 Black ).
  • Its nose bridge is permanently molded, with extra soft material for a comfortable and secure fit, it adapts effectively to long work days. Also as a whole it has its padded support.
  • The Uvex RX , Frame SW10 Clear 19499  and Black Frame 19452 are made of nylon in one complete piece. Its particular soft pads on the temples ensure a comfortable fit. It has superior coverage, 17° wrap and an integral shield design.
  • Includes a practical Uvex RX portable case to avoid abuse by speeding up transportation, it is made in a single piece. Its size is 53.22.125, it follows ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards.


  • The Uvex RX , SW10 Clear Frame , for safety and prescription lenses has a robust, sporty design, consisting of a wide lateral frame that fades with transparent edges that provide a better field of vision.
  • The SW10 Clear Frames offer an attractive design to place safety lenses, this design adapts to the new trend of safety, image and comfort.
  • Uvex prescription lenses are specifically manufactured to meet the rigid requirements set by ANSI, CSA and other global standards for protective eyewear.


It should be noted that by selecting Uvex RX , SW10 Clear 19499 Frame , they will allow workers to have a wider range of vision, providing levels of visual care in extreme work situations, providing greater protection against particles that may enter the eyes.

Remember that comfort and fit provide extra security, as they guarantee adequate support, preventing them from falling.

Employees who require prescription lenses can today feel fully included in the company's safety programs and use their personal protective equipment like any other worker.

Undoubtedly having the possibility of low-cost frames, very modern, comfortable and totally adaptable to any work environment and in strict compliance with safety regulations.

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