Benefits of Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Work environments can reach conditions that could be considered extreme under certain conditions, in many cases the climate can contribute substantially to the effort that a worker makes.

Fogging is the optical effect generated by the condensation of micro water droplets on transparent and smooth surfaces that hinder or prevent seeing through them.

In the same way, it is possible to find microclimates in certain work environments that cause certain activities to suddenly change temperature or humidity. This may be the case of a machine room, a cold room, even certain movements within the same work center may cause the temperature, pressure or humidity to change.

In these cases, one of the aspects to take into account is that the safety glasses have an integrated anti-fog treatment. These treatments consist of manufacturing the lens piece and applying a coating, generally these coatings are silicon, which will add greater hardness to the mica but also the possibility that the tension of the water will not be fixed to the piece like fog. But rather it can slide quickly, avoiding condensation.

Anti-fog treatments that are applied for their same properties are those that can be placed to give the lens greater resistance to scratches.

Is there evidence that anti-fog treatments reduce the impact force of lenses?

In another of our blogs about high impact standards we present a case where evidence has been found that a polycarbonate lens is much more resistant without applied treatments, but although they do present a slight reduction, this is not significant and is included in the speed. which sets the standard for normal impact and high impact, so it is not something that the user should take into consideration.

Types of anti-fog treatments

In the same way, today different anti-fog treatment techniques have appeared on the market and these have evolved providing more resistance.

Ultradura Retardant Treatment. - This treatment combines anti-scratch protection and improves the durability of the lens up to 4 times while adding anti-fog protection

Uvextra treatment. It provides excellent optics and clarity, it is practically imperceptible to the naked eye, its protection is highly durable and does not require additional treatments, it is a permanent treatment.

Hidroshield Treatment.- It is the most modern and unrivaled treatment on the market because it guarantees up to 60 times greater durability against fogging.

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