2021X Rig Lizard® HexArmor® Impact Gloves

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The Rig Lizard® Gloves 2021X offer reliable and sufficient protection against unexpected risks, have unique and exclusive materials for their manufacturing and have a high standard in ANSI/ISEA 138 tests.

Rig Lizard® designed with great quality 2021X have been redesigned and now feature wider fingers, additional protection between the thumb and index finger and its exclusive highly durable TP-X® palm with reinforced seams that provide superior grip on dry and wet surfaces and high resistance to abrasion level 4

Plus The Rig Lizard® 2021X have a level A3 classification in anti-cutting and level 4 puncture tests according to the American ANSI/ISEA standard.

Certified Anti Impact Protection

The Rig Lizard® 2021X gloves from HexArmor® incorporate the IR-X® Impact with Exoskeleton and the high-resistance TP-X® palm with reinforced seams for high-performance protection.

IR-X® protection with high flexibility design provides Level 2 impact protection According to ANSI/ISEA 138 resistance tests on knuckles and fingers

Reinforcement in the fold between the thumb and index finger for greater durability

The Rig Lizard® 2021X Gloves from HexArmor® are premium, high-visibility safety gloves featuring the IR-X® Impact Exoskeleton and heavy-duty TP-X® palm with reinforced seams for high-performance protection¹². These gloves offer reliable and sufficient protection against unexpected risks and have unique and exclusive materials for their manufacture¹. In addition, they comply with the most important mechanical risk standards¹.

Heavy-duty TP-X® palm with reinforced stitching provides exceptional dry/wet grip and abrasion resistance. Additionally, the Rig Lizard® 2021X gloves also offer cut protection thanks to their design and materials.


meet the EN388:2016 standard

They meet ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 2 in impact tests

Resistance level A3 ANSI/ISEA 138 in cutting tests

Cut Level: A3

Puncture Level: 4

EN388:2016: 4X43CP

Abrasion Level: 4

Flame Resistance: Level 3

Standard EN407:2020: X2XXXX

Impact Protection: TRUE

Impact Level: Level 2

Arc Flash Rated: N/A



Rig Lizard®

this series this
Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations
, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for
dangers of oil, gas and mining.


Helix® 1091 By HexArmor

Maximum dexterity and touch

Provides an ultra-comfortable feel along with a textured palm for a strong grip in dry, oily or wet conditions.

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