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N95 masks with cofepris & NIOSH approval

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The DC300 N95 mask is a respiratory protection device that is designed to give you a secure easy fit and effective filtration of airborne particles.

Disposable N95 respirators are the most used for both medical and industrial use because they protect you in environments that do not contain oils with up to 95% effectiveness, according to international standards of OSHA 42CFR Part 84 and are approved by NIOSH which is the US Institute of Health for its acronym in English and derives from the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


The DC300 is an air purifying device made of electrostatically charged polypropylene material to retain and filter particles without oil to prevent them from reaching the respiratory tract. It has a pre-molded nose cup that fits comfortably to the face with braided textile straps or bands for head adjustment that provide a correct facial seal as specified by NIOSH (N95 respirators should not fit over the ears).

Advantages of N95 masks

Masks or respirators marked as N95 and bearing the NIOSH seal guarantee the worker, or health professional, that the respirator has been verified in all its parts as:

That the materials are highly resistant, the quality in production, the level of filtration, the level of resistance to exhalation of air and other extensive tests to which they are subjected.

It is also guaranteed that the manufacturer has been audited and meets the highest quality standards.

  • This respirator guarantees a minimum effectiveness of 95%
  • They have an excellent face seal
  • Can be used in environments without the presence of oils
  • It can be used by health professionals following the recommendations set forth.
  • This respirator can be decontaminated following CDC guidelines for care during the pandemic
  • This disposable respirator has no metal parts
  • It is approved by NIOSH with the registration number but has also been validated in Mexico with the COFEPRIS number and we have the NYCE certificate to be used according to the Mexican standard 116-STPS-2009

Featured Features

This respirator is made of polypropylene, which is a high-quality filter material. It also immediately traps particles in the air and does not retain water, so its qualities remain intact in humid climates, unlike other respirators. It provides an excellent facial seal without metal parts because it fits comfortably on the face. As recommended by the WHO, the DC300 does not include an exhalation valve that can spread germs into the air.

Respiratory protection devices

Disposable N95 respirators are a very important part of disease and infection control in healthcare or industrial settings, because they can be used with confidence in any area of ​​a healthcare facility that may be compromised by airborne, particulate or airborne agents or contaminants. suspended droplets.

Most common questions

Can this respirator be used for medical environments?

Yes, with complete security, you can track the different permits or accreditations

Can this respirator be used for a medical intervention?

No, for intubation processes or surgeries you must use an N95 surgical mask

Respirator use time

Preferably it should be replaced daily or consult the CDC page on how to sanitize a disposable N95 respirator if you have no other alternative.

Is this respirator approved by the FDA?

No. Niosh does not consider FDA approval necessary for masks manufactured in the United States, FDA approval is a necessary requirement for foreign manufacturers who want to sell their products in the United States, and is a prerequisite to obtain NIOSH accreditation. That is, it does not mean that they are NIOSH accredited by showing an FDA certificate.

This respirator is not an N95 Surgical mask

N95 surgical respirators are designed specifically for use in medical interventions, these products are approved by NIOSH as an N95 respirator and at the same time are approved by the FDA for use as a medical device. These particular respirators are designed for use only by specialists providing specific medical care during surgical procedures or those involving transfer of microorganisms and body fluids. These respirators are class II per 21 CFR 878.4040.

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