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Portable Clip Single Gas Detector

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Size: Hydrogen sulfide
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BW Clip Series

Maintenance-free single-gas detectors.

The most convenient, reliable and economical way to ensure security, regulatory compliance and productivity.

The BW Clip series of single-gas detectors offers up to three years of maintenance-free operation: simply by turning on the device, it will operate continuously, without the need to replace the sensor or change or charge the battery. This leads to high reliability and eliminates downtime.

Plus, with the bi-annual version for H 2 S or CO, you can store the device in a hibernation box when you won't be using it for more than a week, extending its useful life for as long as it remains unused. .

Use our advanced technology for security, compliance and productivity.

  • Surecell: Unique dual-reservoir sensor design dramatically improves instrument performance, response time and lifetime compared to traditional electrochemical sensors, while providing consistently reliable instrument performance across ambient conditions more adverse.
  • Reflex Technology™: Advanced automated internal testing function that routinely checks sensor operating conditions to increase safety, uptime and overall worker confidence.
  • IntelliDoX: Instrument Management System.
  • The fastest bump test in the sector.
  • Alarm setpoint configuration and much more.
  • Perform different tests on up to five BW Clip series detectors at the same time for maximum productivity.
  • Simple and accurate record keeping.

BW Clip Series Standard Features

  • Maintenance free, without the need to change the sensor or battery.
  • Compact and lightweight one-button design.
  • Designed for a wide variety of harsh environments and extreme temperatures.
  • Hibernation mode with box or IntelliDoX.
  • Automated self-test of battery, sensor and electronic systems.
  • Panoramic flashing that alerts simultaneously with an audible and vibrating alarm.
  • Automatic recording of the 35 gas events, bump test performance and calibration results.
  • Backwards compatibility with MicroDock II and Fleet Manager II software.
  • Affordable, with low cost of ownership.

Configurable Options

  • Configuring high and low level alarm setpoints, along with other parameters, before activating the device.
  • Configuration of alarm setpoints and other parameters as necessary throughout the life of the product.
  • Option to activate the regulatory non-compliance indicator, which will flash red when it is necessary to perform a bump test or a gas event occurs.
  • Option to display gas reading during alarm (BW Clip only).
  • Bump test warning that can be adjusted by the user.
  • Option to display real time clock.

BW Clip Series Technical Specifications

  • Size: 4.1 x 5.0 x 8.7 cm/ 1.6 x 2.0 x 3.4 in.
  • Weight: 92 g/ 3.2 oz
  • Temperature:
  • H 2 S: -40 to +50 °C / -40 to +122 °F
  • CO: -30 to +50 °C / -22 to +122 °F
  • O 2 : -20 to +50 °C / -4 to +122 °F
  • S O 2 : -30 to +50 °C / -22 to +122 °F
  • Humidity: 5 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Alarms: Visual, vibrating, audible (95 dB), low and high level.
  • Testing: Activated detectors automatically perform an internal diagnostic test every 24 hours.
  • Normal battery life: Two years ( H 2 S , CO, O 2 or S O 2 ) or Three years ( H 2 S or CO).
  • Event log: The 35 most recent events.
  • Protection against water and dust ingress: IP 66/67

Certifications and approvals

Class I, Div. 1, Gr. A, B, C, D

Class I, Zone 0, Gr. ||C

0539 || 1G

Ex ia ||C T4 Ga IP66/67

DEMKO 14 ATEX 1356

Ex ia ||C T4 Ga IP66/67

IECEx UL 14.0063

European conformity



Two or Three years from activation (with normal operation), plus one year of storage (6 months for O 2 ). Up to three years for bi-annual H 2 S and CO detectors when used with the hibernation function, limited to 24 months of detector operation.

Due to continuous research and product improvements, specifications may change without notice.

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