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Safety helmet with ratchet suspension

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The class E helmet is the optimal equipment to protect the worker's head . It is made with the purpose of providing safety in those places where there is a risk of falling heavy and/or sharp objects, electric shocks, fixed objects that If they come out, risk of burns from falling objects, hot or corrosive liquids .                     


  • The INFRA Safety Helmet is a piece of equipment that has several advantages, it is designed to reduce the force of impact on the upper part of the head, neck and spine.    
  • It includes the specifications of designed helmets , to offer more information on the correct use of the equipment and achieving its maximum performance. 
  • Helmets that meet the requirements of standards and regulations are designed to provide optimal protection under normal conditions. 
  • The stool, the sweatband , the hammock are made with resources and finishes that do not cause irritation or any type of damage in the area of ​​contact with the user's face, however it is important to take the necessary measures, these elements are made . . s in an appropriate and comfortable material.   


  • This personal protection element is made of thermoplastic material resistant to high impacts and high electrical voltages, it is capable of resisting up to 20,000 volts. 
  • Its grooved design allows you to mount accessories . It also has a plush polyurethane sweatband that provides freshness , is interchangeable or washable , soft, with maximum absorption and comfort .   
  • Helmet adjustment is standard , interval or modern ratchet adjustment through a smooth rotation knob, accessible even with gloves on, comfortable on the user's head , cap type, with 4 suspension points to absorb high impacts, It is a class E helmet.    
  • It also has the ability to adjust the height position between the suspension and the helmet cup in three levels. It has excellent space for ventilation. 
  • Four-point suspension with nylon support that is very comfortable because it is adjustable to the head in three levels: It allows you to adjust the diameter, It allows you to adjust the depth and it allows you to adjust the tension or grip.
  • It has a highly absorbent foam band to retain sweat and its adjustment is Ratchet Type with small intervals for a millimeter adjustment. It does not move once placed and has a smooth placement.


  • The design of the type I cup or cocha has a solid appearance. And you can clearly see the high quality of the material used, on par with the best export helmets. It has an entrance for accessories such as earmuffs or head adapters. It is very resistant to impacts and its HPPE material makes it dielectric and can withstand a nominal voltage of up to 30,000 volts.


Meet or exceed the following standards

  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014
  • CSA Z94.1 2005
  • NMX-115-STPS-2009
  • NRF-058-PEMEX-2012
  • NRF-012-CFE-2010

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