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Neck Cover for Safety Helmet

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The main objective for which this type of clothing is made is to protect the worker from solar rays and dust, as well as to cover the neck from these elements in outdoor work.

Our neck cover is made of premium 100 nylon and is compatible with cap-type and wide-brim type helmets and is specially designed to cover the face from the sun's rays while offering high visibility to other operators or drivers circulating.

This neck cover is MR safety brand and is resistant to the elements, is light and durable.

Daily exposure to the sun's rays can gradually damage the skin. In addition to moisturizing with other products, the use of MR SR1040 neck cover will reduce damage caused by climate change. What is essential is care for each person.

The helmet neck cover is a relatively new personal protective equipment that has been designed to especially cover areas such as the nape of the neck and part of the face from damage caused by sun rays and UV rays during hard work days. It is compatible with both high-width helmets and cap-type helmets.


  • The manufacturing material of the neck cover is 100% polyester jersey mesh type, this offers the user more softness in each routine.
  • This MR SR1040 neck cover can also be used with cap-type and wide-brim type helmets. The essential thing in an item is that it adapts to each person and is durable in each wear.
  • In addition to protecting the user, it should also keep them cool through ventilation to work long hours.
  • It has approximately 1 inch reflective tape that meets ANSI-150D certification. The vulcanized league can resist any strong weather-related changes.


  • The neon-colored tape allows you to be visible in any work situation, especially in the darkest areas, thus avoiding any incident. Adapting to any type of helmet, it is also compatible with different sizes and is very easy to install for all users.
  • Durable vulcanized garter
  • The MR neck cover SR1040 is a product that can be very useful for the construction industry, mining, merchandise handling, land and air transportation, supervision and surveillance activities, sports activities, among others.
  • When companies purchase the MR SR1040 neck cover , it will not only be an expense, it is a great investment in excellent products that will offer each worker the greatest peace of mind of feeling protected and safe.
  • Compatible with all brands


The use of the neck cover allows for preventive measures, which avoid subsequent injuries in any work field, where safety is the priority. Each of the conditions set by the specialists must be practiced.

It is ideal to balance the use of the neck cover with the constant consumption of water and the use of clothing that covers all parts of the body. It is important to avoid exposing yourself directly to the Sun during the hours when the rays are strongest. Therefore, having a Neck Cover MR ( SR1040 ) is having the best.

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