Global Glove Disposable Nitrile Gloves

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The use of nitrile gloves has quickly spread as favorites because they are more resistant and do not cause allergies like latex gloves.

The above makes them perfect for situations with risk of perforation, cuts, punctures, protection against viruses or bacteria, including chemical agents.

Non-sterile surgical grade nitrile, with texture on the fingertips for better sensation during inspection work.

Global Glove disposable nitrile gloves are of very high quality, they are generally used by specialists who handle sharp or pointed utensils because they are resistant, especially those 5 mil thick.

For this reason, our gloves were chosen from a wide variety of brands because they are versatile for medical and industrial uses and are talc-free.

They are also useful for cleaning or industrial use because they are puncture and abrasion resistant, as well as solvent resistant.

These gloves are thicker than other nitrile glove models but maintain the sensitivity and dexterity of thinner gloves.

They are five times more resistant to abrasion and punctures than vinyl gloves, ideal for use during long work days without breaking.

Global Glove gloves meet FDA approval for food contact much better than latex or natural rubber gloves. (21 CFR Parts 170-199)

Finally, they have an ambidextrous design to be used in both hands interchangeably and are waterproof.

Manufactured from 100% nitrile, 5 thousandths thick, free of dust.

Box with 100 units

Available sizes S, M, L, XL

Data sheet

Technical Data Sheet Disposable nitrile glove

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Rig Lizard®

está serie esta
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difíciles, con varias opciones para trabajos en seco, aceites o lodos.

La solución ideal para los
peligros del petróleo, el gas y la minería.


Helix® 1091 By HexArmor

Máxima destreza y tacto

Brinda una sensación ultra confortable junto con una palma texturizada para un agarre fuerte en condiciones secas, aceitosas o húmedas.

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