Work Coverall With Navy Blue Reflective Tape

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Rig Lizard®

The Rig Lizard Series
Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for oil, gas and mining hazards.

The Navy Blue Work Coverall It has one-inch reflective tape on the arms and legs, it has a reinforced plastic closure to avoid possible scratches to painted or metal surfaces, it has an elastic type adjustment at the waist, it has six bags to store objects or/or tools for a greater versatility for the user, on the wrists it has a plastic button clasp to prevent it from scratching painted or metal surfaces.


  • The safety coverall minimizes risks that may impact work and personal safety. The coverall has the ability to respond to existing workplace conditions (temperature, ambient humidity, oxygen concentration). 
  • Personal safety equipment offers physical protection, however, the anatomical and physiological conditions of the worker's health status must be taken into account. 
  • One of the most important advantages is the protective clothing , which provides durability in the time, offers the lowest permeability and degradation rates. Coverall protects against splashes of hazardous chemical liquids covers splash protective clothing. 
  • Depending on the capacity and function of the overalls, it favors protection against substances in the known or expected concentration of risk for the skin . 
  • Personal protective equipment has been designed to be used only during certain work activities (handling corrosive and non-corrosive substances) and that are associated with a particular risk. Furthermore , they provide effective protection, without causing additional risks or unnecessary inconvenience. 


  • Personal protective equipment , It is made of antistatic fabric 99 % polyester and 1% fiber -free carbon fiber . In continuous fiber-free polyester yarn . Snap collar, elastic waist, zipper and flap closure, raglan sleeves, reinforced pockets . In addition, threaded seams to prevent detachment . 
  • Ventilation of upper back, sides, inside of legs. Resistant to certain chemicals and abrasion. 
  • The safety coverall is highly considered to be used in the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry , electronic industry, chemical industry, aerospace industry, nanotechnology industry.  
  • Used especially for electrostatic dissipation , assembly of electronic equipment and in any place where the safety of the company's workers and products is paramount. 

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