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Honeywell Flextrill Nitrile Glove 32-3011

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The Flextrill 32-3011 glove is a non-supported nitrile chemical protective glove that offers high cut resistance, excellent wet and dry adhesion, increased dexterity and improved comfort. In addition, it has a printed QR code that allows you to access all the technical data and chemical permeation time for a more effective selection of users, ensuring access to the entire import to avoid accidents.

Honeywell's Flextril gloves are the hand protection solution that provides high chemical protection, great grip in wet or dry environments, and improved comfort and dexterity.

The Flextrill 32-3011 glove has a length of 320 millimeters, an angel blue color and is available in sizes medium and large.

It is certified according to EN ISO 374-1 Type A standards: JK0NPT, EN388 2X01X, EN ISO 374-5, ANSI 4 Abrasion and food contact⁵.

The Flextril glove has several advantages that make it a good option for hand protection in different industries and activities. Some of these advantages are:

- ** High chemical protection and cut resistance

The glove is made of nitrile, a material that offers a good barrier against chemicals, irritants and other potentially hazardous materials. In addition, the glove has a cut protection level A/A1 and C/A3 according to EN ISO 374-1 and EN388¹ standards.

- Excellent dry and wet grip

The glove is coated with Honeywell Super Grip Technology (SGT) that provides greater grip when handling tools and objects, reducing hand strain and fatigue and increasing productivity and efficiency¹.

- Greater dexterity and comfort

The glove has an ergonomic design that adapts to the shape of the hand and provides better support and comfort. In addition, the glove has Honeywell Moisture Dispersion technology that prevents sweat accumulation and keeps hands dry¹.

- Access to technical data and chemical permeation time

The glove has a printed QR code that allows you to scan it with your mobile phone and access all the information about the performance, specifications and chemical permeation time of the glove, so that users have all the information at the moment they need it. need.

The Flextrill 32-3011 glove is ideal for industries such as automotive, chemical manufacturing, machinery and equipment, oil and gas, food processing, and metal fabrication.

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