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Cartridge for organic vapors, acid gases and methylamines

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The 75SCL cartridge is designed to provide users with the respiratory protection and safety of an all-in-one cartridge, protecting you from the most common gases and vapors in the petroleum industry within a single product, thus preventing changes to be used within different areas

The Multipurpose Cartridges offer simultaneous protection against different polluting gases such as ammonia, methylamines, Organic vapors and acid gases, among which Chlorine, H2S, HS, HF, CD, NH3 stand out.

It is also compatible with almost seven models of half-face masks and full-face masks. This cartridge should be used when you have a known variety of vapors in the environment or in different industrial processes. We can also include this cartridge with an additional high efficiency 99.7% particle filter, consult your advisor.


  • The filter has a super light and ergonomic design. It is compatible with half and full mask models. It is an easy product to apply to any North respirator, because its thread-type connectors make its application simple. In addition, these Honeywell North filters are fully reusable.
  • The chemical filter is perfect for organic vapors, methylamine, chlorine, among others. The olive green label identifies that it is NIOSH approved. The filter cover has been made of polystyrene for higher quality without causing discomfort to the user.
  • contains layers of activated carbon of different densities as filter media


  • Purchasing these filters from Honeywell North will keep each person who is in direct contact with these contaminants safe. It is possible to use them inside and outside the work facilities if necessary. The essential thing is to take care of your health, so that the execution of activities is more fruitful.
  • The protection of the filters will cover all daily working hours, everything varies according to the industrial area in which the company has defined itself. Having a good package of preventive products will make work more pleasant and with Honeywell North you get it all.


This product can be used in industries where polluting vapors are present, such as the oil sector, chemical industry, government entities, among others.

This filter is not compatible with contaminating particles that are not mentioned in the instructions for use. It should not be used at oxygen concentrations less than 19.5%.

The significance of this product is that it will be part of the occupational protection of industry workers. This defender filter is a guarantee against exposure to gases or other vapors that may be present in the environment.

Honeywell North , Filter , is undoubtedly an incredible product that offers to prevent the penetration of harmful vapors or gases and has the best manufacturing materials.

Among occupational preventive measures, it is necessary to have a variety of items that fulfill important functions aimed at the entire group of workers. Assuming this responsibility means complying with safety regulations. This is why Honeywell North , filter , designed this product to facilitate and speed up these procedures.

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