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Absorbent mat for oil spills only

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

Do you have problems with oil and fuel spills in your workshop or factory? Do you want an economical, effective and ecological solution? Then you need Bryan Safety's oleophilic absorbent mat. This mat is capable of absorbing up to 11 gallons of oil-based liquids per bag, leaving no residue or fibers behind. Plus, it's white so you can easily see the saturation level and change it when necessary. And best of all, you can incinerate it after use to reduce waste.


The white tone refers to the fact that it is only for oils and fuels, as it draws attention to machine leaks and clearly shows the saturation level during the response to the spill.

Olophilic mats are ideal for catching drips and absorbing spills of oil-based liquids

The mats take on the properties of absorbed liquids; always take proper precautions when handling saturated absorbents


Highly absorbent fine fiber construction leaves no liquid or fiber residue behind.

Can be drained and incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuel blending

Technical specifications

  • Not recommended for pedestrian traffic
  • Does not have a static dissipator
  • It is for indoor use
  • Floating: Yes
  • Cannot be reused
  • Can be cremated
  • Flammability specifications: Flame resistant, melt and self-extinguish.
  • Absorbs only oils, fuels or other oil-based liquids
  • White color
  • Dimensions: 15" wide x 18" long
  • Absorbs up to 11 gal. per bag
  • Absorbency per mat up to 200g.
  • Perforated Mat: No
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Composition: polypropylene
  • Not UV resistant

Presentation of 100 mats per bag

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