Locking hasp with double aluminum jaw

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Rig Lizard®

The Rig Lizard Series
Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for oil, gas and mining hazards.

There are many security products, such as the mechanical knocker , that provide the protection that facilities or assets require on a personal or business level. All of this requires special care and the appropriate devices that generate the greatest safety to prevent the equipment from suffering any type of damage and thus completely reduce any possible risk.

These double jaw security hasps are ideal for lockout and tagout as an aid in any maintenance task or to cover any type of security need. These aluminum hasps that can use 8 padlocks offer the greatest security and protection.

This Master Lock 429MX mechanical locking hasp is made of aluminum, which is a material that resists sparks with a double jaw, in the interior space the diameter of the jaw is 25 mm x 38 mm. The security hasp has aluminum handles and jaws and has a capacity for up to 8 padlocks.

This hasp is very resistant and durable and allows you to make safe locks with several workers, with a locking point for each one, when any type of repair or adjustment is made this hasp leaves the equipment without operation, and until it is removed The last lock of the hasp workers will not be able to activate the control again.


These mechanical knockers have a series of characteristics that are important to know.

  • The safety hasp is made of aluminum which is a very firm material, and is also very resistant to double jaw sparks.
  • It has a multi-worker lock for each lock point.
  • Likewise, it has very good quality cast aluminum, with precision automation.
  • The control cannot be activated until the last lock is removed from the hasp workers.
  • The dimensions of the instrument are 50 mm x 149 mm, with a diameter of 25 mm x 38 mm, a weight of 50 grams and it has holes with a capacity for 8 padlocks.
  • They are non-sparking


  • It is very important to know what benefits the knockers bring in order to be sure that the appropriate equipment was chosen to cover the required needs.
  • These Master lock number 429 knockers made of aluminum are of excellent quality, it will be a worthwhile acquisition, it has a wide variety that can meet all the needs that users require so that they feel satisfied.
  • Thanks to the lock that has 8 workers for each lock point, it provides greater protection, keeping the equipment without operating at the time that any repair or some type of maintenance has to be carried out, being able to activate the control again until all the padlocks workers are removed.
  • These knocker designs are under the control of OSHA standards, which are responsible for promoting a safety system at work, thus generating peace of mind for all staff.
  • OSHA approved.

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