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Breaker Grip Tight™ Locking Devices

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SKU: 493B
Size: Standard lever
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Size: Standard lever

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Material de Alto Rendimiento


Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

If you are looking for electrical power lockout equipment, Grip Tight™ are a must have in your maintenance toolbox because they are switch lockout devices that will allow you to safely perform all your maintenance tasks, individually or in teams. of work.

Master Lock Grip Tight™ have an adequate and unique operation because they adapt to the size of standard size electrical switches and large levers of 120 and 240 volts respectively, from the main brands of electrical panels in the world. Its patented design effectively locks out circuit breakers and allows one-handed security padlock placement and can be used with or without hasps.

The innovative patented Grip Tight™ design effectively locks the circuit breakers without them falling by accident, due to its non-slip plastic tips that perfectly hold the short or long levers of the breakers from the main brands of manufacturers in the world.

Our breaker locking devices are made of ABS plastic and carbon steel coated with anti-corrosive paint for hostile environments.

They are suitable for blocking electrical energy sources of safety switches in electrical panels of any size because they allow the necessary connection devices to be concentrated with a single device and are essential for those in charge of maintaining machinery and equipment.


Snaps onto the switch with a simple twist of your thumb and then closes the clamping handle for a tight grip on the switch.

Due to its exclusive design, several devices can be integrated with a single locking padlock.

They are very durable in any environment, they do not break like those made of plastic.

The innovative patented Grip Tight™ design effectively locks circuit breakers.

Supports all types of Master Lock™ locking hasps and padlocks.

They have great holding force and are difficult to remove.

Master Lock Brand

Country of Origin: Mexico

  • 491B Long to fit large switch levers typically found on 220 or 440 volt breakers.
  • 493B Standard Adapts to standard low voltage or low amperage switch levers found on 120 to 220 volt breakers.

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