Semi dielectric locking hasp 38mm

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Semi-dielectric lockout hasps allow you to securely lock out machinery and equipment to comply with your LOTO lockout and tagout procedures.

This semi 38 mm hasp number 417 from Master Lock has the capacity to hold up to a maximum of six padlocks, the inner diameter of the jaw is 38 mm. This important piece of safety is ideal because it keeps equipment safe for multiple workers simultaneously.

This semi 38 mm hasp leaves the equipment inoperative so that any type of repair can be easily carried out without any inconvenience. Until the last of the padlocks and locking tags are removed, the control cannot be activated again, so the hasp cannot be opened.


  • These security pieces have important characteristics to know before purchasing one to have the certainty and confidence that the product will be able to satisfy your protection needs.
  • The 38 mm semi security hasp will allow you to lock the same equipment simultaneously by different workers.
  • Once the hasp is installed, each locking point can be blocked by each worker's padlock.
  • The 38mm Semi Hasp will not open until the last padlock is removed thanks to the multiple padlock system.
  • There are different sizes and models of hasps, there are aluminum jaws, steel jaws, composite jaws or nylon jaws.
  • The hasp is made of aluminum which is very resistant to sparks.
  • The dimensions of the 38 mm semi knocker are 50 mm x 12.4 cm and it is a piece with a diameter of 38 mm inside the jaw. And it can also hold the maximum number of six padlocks.


  • This Master Lock security hasp is a good quality product that has many benefits that, knowing them, will make you decide on the best piece that will give you the greatest protection that you need so much. Below you will be shown the advantages that you will obtain with this product. .
  • This aluminum hasp coated with a tough dielectric polymer is ideal for locking equipment when maintenance is being performed.
  • Masterlock hasps have a round latch which allows the equipment to be easily adapted, unlike square or plastic ones that are more difficult to adapt.
  • These hasps are more practical for locking, offering greater security.
  • The material of the knocker is very resistant, which makes it last over the years, giving it many years of useful life.


For individual or group blocking

For interior locking both indoors and outdoors

For electrical or mechanical locks

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