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Rig Lizard®

The Rig Lizard Series
Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for oil, gas and mining hazards.

The Mat462 are oil-absorbing and water-repellent oleophilic mats for multiple industrial applications. They are made of 4 layers of thermally bonded polypropylene to give it extreme resistance and absorbency of oils or hydrocarbons.

The mat 462 oleophilic mat is in a roll presentation to extend in the affected areas up to 45 meters in length or if required it can be easily cut into smaller sections. It specializes in containing leaks or spills of oil or oil-based liquids, becoming a useful and effective tool for cleaning.

It is in the light weight category and has been made from 100% polypropylene, this component becomes one of the strongest specialized absorbent rolls on the market.

Its design and characteristics allow the absorption of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, isolating the absorption of water. The MAT 462 absorbent roll can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas.

The presentation in roll format facilitates its use in larger areas and absorbs large volumes of oil or substances derived from it.

The MAT 462 is a fairly affordable absorbent mat and thanks to its die-cutting system, you can get the amount of mat you need without wasting the rest. It is effective, resistant and very easy to use.

Its union by welding systems between the polypropylene sheets provides it with high resistance, in addition to the fact that it can be reused several times even when completely impregnated with oil. Does not crumble even when completely impregnated


  • It allows light pedestrian passage, and has dimensions of 30 cm wide x 150 meters long.
  • It comes in a roll format and its absorption capacity is 20.1 gal. per roll, it weighs about 15 pounds and its structure is thin, placing it in the light weight category.
  • It is reusable and can be twisted to squeeze or incinerate, absorbs and stops spills or leaks of oil or oil-based substances.
  • It does not absorb water, and lasts twice as long as other oil leak absorbent rolls currently available on the market.
  • It has a characteristic bright white color, which allows easy and quick visualization of drips or leaks. It is also a distinctive color among New Pig absorbent products that indicates that it is especially for handling oil or fuel spills.
  • It has a die-cutting system with dimensions of 25 cm x 38 cm per section, which allows you to save the product and therefore save your money.
  • With floating characteristics, ideal for cleaning and absorbing spills in outdoor areas, and has an absorption capacity of 76.2 L per roll.
  • Absorbs saturated hydrocarbons as fuel
  • It can be incinerated to reduce it to ashes and is a source of energy
  • It has a series of dimples that help the process of absorption of liquids and substances to be carried out quickly, allowing a complete and effective cleaning of the affected area.
  • The MAT 462 absorbent mat is fire resistant, although it should not be exposed to high temperatures and does not present a fire risk.


  • It is endorsed as one of the highest quality products in the containment absorbents market.
  • It is accessible, as it is quite economical and offers very high quality standards.
  • Its distinctive white color allows you to appreciate and evaluate leak or drip processes in different work areas.
  • It is light and easy to use, as well as incinerable.
  • It can be used to clean both large and small areas, thanks to its easy and practical die-cutting system.
  • It quickly and effectively absorbs any type of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, without leaving traces of fiber or substance residues in the affected area.


Keep the MAT 462 absorbent mat in a dry space and in its original packaging.

Use additional precautions when handling absorbent mats containing saturated substances.

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