LedLenser T2QC Multicolor Flashlight

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Rig Lizard®

The Rig Lizard Series
Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for oil, gas and mining hazards.

Military, hunters, firefighters, rescuers, police, detectives, security guards,…, uff.

Flashlight T2QC It is perfect for any profession, job or outdoor hobby, its lights RGB LED They allow you to carry out different activities such as hunting, criminology, mining, hiking and more activities than you can imagine.

Each color RGB allows the user to carry out different activities for multiple purposes; even though the colored lanterns white They are the most used and provide a wide vision of all the colors in the environment; allows the performance of specific activities such as farmhouse wave research .

Clearer and sharper vision

The color red allows a clearer vision of the environment in which it operates, It does not dazzle the eye, nor does it tire it, maintaining uniform stability with darkness, which allows vision to relax and appreciate the textures and sharpness of the environment.

Furthermore, its use not only improves vision, it also allows you to go unnoticed; because it is not perceptible at long distances, thus allowing the wearer's vision to improve and close to the focus of the flashlight.


Not only is it small, practical and imperceptible, but the color green It is a perfect ally for this flashlight. Its use in hunting as in police It's phenomenal.

In the hunting , allows the vast majority of animals to go unnoticed, just like the red ; thus allowing a perfect vision ready to get married.

In its use police, military or criminological, allows inspection of evidence such as footprints, fibers, bones, teeth and accelerants .


Wow! When we say that this flashlight is tactical it is because it is tactical.

Not only the light white allows complete visibility of the environment, so does the light blue and quite well. Allowing broader and more penetrating vision in fog or very dark environments; keeping us more awake and active in night work.

Its use both in hunting, police, military or fire department ; allows you to noticeably improve vision blood, bodily fluids, fire investigation and blood analysis .


Flashlight T2QC has a surface robust and very compact , which allows mobility and practicality for different environments, his Diamond texture allows for a firm grip, even with wet hands.

And in case of getting wet water , there is nothing to worry about, the T2QC is resistant to continuous powerful jets of water, thus complying with the certification IPX6 .

(Note: It is not submersible in water, nor in high pressure jets)

Total Distance 25 Meters

140 Lumens of Power

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