Honeywell N95 or R95 Particulate Pre Filter

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Material: N95

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Rig Lizard®

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Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for oil, gas and mining hazards.

North by honeywell brand toxic dust prefilters are an essential accessory to protect your respiratory health in environments with suspended particles.

These pre-filters are placed over the North line cartridges, which offer a wide range of options for filtering different types of gases and vapors. N95 prefilters have a minimum filter efficiency of 95%, meaning they capture at least 95% of the particles that pass through them.

These particles can include dust, smoke, soot, paint sprays, wood, talc, and also filter bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can cause serious respiratory illnesses.

North's N95 prefilters are compatible with the same brand's reusable half-mask and full-mask respirators, which fit comfortably on your face and provide excellent visibility and mobility.

Also remember that vapor and mist cartridges do not filter suspended particles on their own; to do so, they require an additional pre-filter like this one.

Oil-free particle filters

The N95 Pre Filters by OSHA nomenclature indicate that they can filter particles that do not contain oils in their composition, such as Wood, Talc, Silica, Lead, Viruses or Bacteria Etc.

Filters for particles with oils

Prefilters with the legend R95 are resistant to oils, that is, they must be used to filter suspended particles that contain oils such as Carbon Volatiles, Aerosol Paints plus the elements of the previous Prefilter.

How to use

To use N95 pre-filters, you must use them in conjunction with the pre-filter retainer, which keeps them in place and prevents them from falling off or moving. The pre-filter retainer also makes it easy to change the pre-filters when necessary, without having to remove the cartridges. N95 prefilters should be changed any time they are dirty, damaged, or difficult to breathe through.


North brand N95 toxic dust prefilters are a practical, economical and safe solution to protect your respiratory health in environments with non-oil-based aerosol particles. These prefilters meet the quality and safety standards of NIOSH, the federal agency in charge of regulating respiratory protective equipment. With North N95 prefilters, you can breathe with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you are protected against respiratory risks you may face at work or in your daily life.

These Filters must always be accompanied by a cartridge. and to place it, a Filter retainer is used.

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