Importance of High Visibility Clothing

May 29, 2024

What are these high-viability garments for?

The use of high visibility clothing offers benefits for both workers and companies, since today they are considered essential garments for workers to be easily detectable. Both because of being in continuous movement and because visibility is not adequate.

The use of these personal protective clothing is considered crucial and necessary to prevent accidents, especially for drivers of vehicles or machinery. These garments immediately act as a visual alert, allowing collisions or accidents to be avoided.

These garments must be used regularly and are easily distinguished by their fluorescent colors that make them visible during the day, and reflective materials for low light conditions. This combination of colors and reflective materials allows them to be useful in not only work areas, but also in transporting employees to their homes or work centers.

What is the ISO 20471 Standard?

To ensure that the garments have minimum requirements. The EN ISO 20471 standard was created in June 2013 and has been in force since then. It is a more updated version of EN471 and is especially useful for employees carrying out high-risk jobs.

This standard provides a uniform framework for manufacturers of protective equipment, but also for users to be able to choose garments for different conditions, and then ensure that the chosen pieces will meet a single design and performance criterion.

Reflective Material. At least approved materials are expected to meet levels of at least 330 Candela to ensure illumination in low light conditions is sufficient.

Colors: The intensity of the colors of the garment is also an aspect to measure and consider, for this purpose it is

Classification of High Visibility Clothing according to its use

High visibility clothing is classified into three categories according to EN ISO 20471:

  • Class 1 : For low-risk jobs, such as work in parking lots and warehouses.
  • Class 2 : For conditions that make visibility difficult and where vehicles travel at more than 40 km/h.
  • Class 3 : For very dark or high-speed environments, where the highest level of protection is required

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