Superposition of Garments to increase ATPV

June 12, 2024

The thermal performance value (ATPV) is a measure used to determine the level that a garment offers, and helps professionals choose clothing for their workers in the event of an electrical hazard. This ensures that companies comply with other industry standards such as OSHA or NFPA 70E.

A garment with a properly calculated ATPV will help the worker in the event of an accident to prevent serious or fatal injuries from exposure to a known electric arc.

In summary, the ATPV is a figure or value on a garment that ensures that it protects against the heat and energy of an electric arc. allowing companies and their workers to make informed decisions when choosing their personal protective equipment.

Layering garments to increase ATPV

Let's move on to the topic, layering garments is a technique used to increase the level of protection against the thermal effects of an electric arc. It is a principle that two or more garments work better for an event of this type.

This superposition refers to using several layers of personal protective clothing with an intrinsic value each, which in combination of use, one on top of the other, will achieve or exceed the necessary protection.

Overlaying garments will not increase protection linearly or add up. but rather an effect is formed that exponentially increases the benefits of each of the articles.

Benefits of Overlay

Flexibility : Allows workers to adjust their level of protection according to the needs of the work environment. Adding or removing garments as they move in known work environments.

Comfort : Layered garments can be more comfortable and less restrictive than a single-layer suit with a high ATPV.

Cost-Effectiveness : It may be more economical to purchase several garments with a lower ATPV than a single garment with a high ATPV. It may also result in greater care of the garments, especially the internal ones, when replacing.

Important considerations.

It is important to check with your supplier or manufacturer that the materials are compatible with each other. This may be limited to using garments from the same brand of products, the same line to ensure this compatibility.

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