Anti-cut glove A1 Coreshield Nitrile Foam

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Double abrasion-resistant glove made of nylon and nitrile micro-foam. This glove is designed for general handling of items,
parts assembly, packaging, machinery inspection, among other low-risk activities. while it provides cut resistance level A1 according to EN388:2016 and has updated marking for easy identification, it allows for a better level of grip, as well as maintaining excellent ventilation for a greater feeling of comfort.

Micro Foamed Nitrile Coating

The glove has a micro foam nitrile coating that provides 360° breathability, preventing sweat buildup and keeping hands dry and comfortable. The coating is also liquid repellent and offers good grip in dry, water and oil, reducing the risk of slipping and accidents. In addition, it has high abrasion resistance and excellent dexterity, allowing objects to be manipulated with precision and ease.

Professional Marking According to EN388:2016

The glove has a color-coded marking system that makes it easy to choose the level of cut protection, type of coating, dexterity and fit according to European and US standards. The color code is based on the rainbow, with red being the lowest level and purple being the highest. The glove also has a resistive and capacitive touch screen that allows the use of touch screen devices without removing the gloves.

Environmental Certification

CoreShield gloves are STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX®, which guarantees that they do not contain substances harmful to human health.

The glove is cost-effective to buy as it has a longer lifespan than other gloves on the market. The coating has a special abrasion technology that gives it twice the durability. In addition, it can be washed without losing its performance or size.

Purchasing CoreShield gloves is an investment that results in less frequent replacements and a lower cost of ownership.

The Honeywell CoreShield™ is an ideal glove for many industries, we work with machine tools and inspection of many types. It is a glove that offers simplified protection at your fingertips with five-fold performance: high cut resistance, excellent comfort, good grip, easy selection and cost-effectiveness. All in one.

Cut Level: A1

Puncture Level: 1

EN388:2016: 4X31A

Abrasion Level: 4

Flame Resistance: N/A

Standard EN407:2020: NA

Impact Protection: Fake

Impact Level: N/A

Arc Flash Rated: N/A



Rig Lizard®

this series this
Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations
, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for
dangers of oil, gas and mining.


Helix® 1091 By HexArmor

Maximum dexterity and touch

Provides an ultra-comfortable feel along with a textured palm for a strong grip in dry, oily or wet conditions.

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