Protective goggles with anti-fog

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Rig Lizard®

The Rig Lizard Series
Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for oil, gas and mining hazards.

The wraparound sport style of the Futura goggle provides excellent all-round vision. Frosted eyebrow guard reduces glare. Indirect ventilation increases airflow to reduce fogging.

Without a doubt, they are one of the features that you will appreciate about the uvex line.

These goggles are safety devices to reduce the risk of splashes of any type of liquid, including protection from some chemical agents that may enter your eyes, or from the presence of dust or particles. all within the ANSI Z87-1-2010 classification for high impact lenses

You will find the uvexfutura goggles extremely wide, ideal for people who can also use ophthalmic lenses, because they are classified as OTG (over the glass) goggles. That is to say, they can be worn comfortably over prescription lenses with complete comfort.

Goggles with Indirect Ventilation

Goggles are also classified by the type of ventilation they receive or rather what they allow to pass through to the user, these goggles have indirect ventilation that is used for areas with risk of liquid splashes or in the presence of some vapors that contain particles, This ventilation protects you from splashes because there is no way for liquids to enter your eyes, protecting you from any type of liquid that could enter. This type of ventilation is the most common because they are much more comfortable for the user, because they eliminate that feeling of confinement or emptiness that is felt when using sealed goggles. That is to say, when placed or removed they do not cause the effect of a suction cup that non-ventilated goggles cause.

Adjustable neoprene straps

The Futura uses a type of elastic neoprene strap, this makes it easy to clean in any environment, both in those where it is required to clean perfectly and in the case of splashes of some chemical products to prevent burning. The strap is also washable and elastic but does not tangle so it can be used directly on the head or placed over any protective suit such as Tyveks.

polycarbonate mica with anti-fog

This goggle from the uvex brand has a non-interchangeable polycarbonate lens with Uvextreme AF anti-fog treatment, a very durable version of anti-fog that protects you against the vast majority of temperature changes that may occur with an A4 level anti-fog. It has a thickness of 1.8mm mica

PVC body resistant to splashes of most laboratory chemicals and that adapts perfectly to the face, it does not contain latex or rubber proteins that can cause allergies, although it is suggested that it be tested to ensure they do not cause reactions due to the time of use. or in combination with use at high temperatures


• Wraparound sporty styling provides excellent all-round vision

• Frosted eyebrow guard reduces glare

• Indirect ventilation increases airflow

• Two models: welding and dust/fog/impact/chemical splash

• Fits most Rx glasses

• Easy and economical lens replacement system

• Meets ANSI Z87+ (High Impact) and tested by Honeywell to meet CSA Z94.3 requirements


  • ANSI Z87+ (High Impact) - Meets ANSI Z87+ (High Impact) standards
  • ANSI Z.87.1/1989, CA 19,074 - Meets ANSI Z.87.1/1989, CA 19,074
  • CSA Z94.3 - Tested to meet the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard

Life Time 5 years

See this model in presentation with welding protection

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