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Universal Spill Absorbent Pillow

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

PillowAnother ideal tool from the New Pig brand that does not disappoint is the large-capacity absorbent pillow and makes it easier for you to contain large spills or leaks, where the use of absorbent mats is not enough.

The universal Pig pillow , PIL 204 , is a practical and effective absorbent pad that facilitates the control of liquids and substances of this type in emergency situations caused by spills or leaks.

Its combined composition of polypropylene filling and cellulosic fibers makes it an ecological product, it has a 99% recycled cellulose filling mixture before and after use

While its polypropylene-based exterior design resists tears, deterioration, degradation or any other type of wear, maintaining the integrity of the pad.

This universal absorbent is manufactured for spills of liquids, hydrocarbons and derivatives and other types of water-based liquids quickly and effectively, its cellulose-based filling makes the performance of the pad last longer and it provides a quick absorption against spills or leaks.

This New Pig brand pillow is ideal for helping contain large spills thanks to its absorption capacity. It is also very useful for absorbing leaks or constant drips in small places or areas that require monitoring and attention.


  • They are industrial absorbents for solvents, refrigerants, water-based chemicals and are absorbent for hydrocarbons.
  • It is gray in color and has been made with polypropylene leather, which resists deterioration and prevents it from tearing.
  • The combination of its components allows rapid absorption and has a high capacity to absorb and retain liquids, even when completely saturated.
  • It reduces dust and comes in a compact and dynamic design that helps it act not only in containing large spills, but can also be used in small spaces to control and address leaks or constant drips.
  • It is an ecological and incinerable product.


  • It is quite absorbent in relation to its compact size and easy to use.
  • Absorbs up to 7.5 L per pad quickly and effectively.
  • It is durable and does not tear, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • It can be used to contain large spills or control small drips or leaks.
  • It is an ecological product, thanks to its recycled components.
  • It can be incinerated once it has been used, and instead of being discarded it can be used to mix fuels.


Despite being one of the best equipment for spill containment, the use of the PIL 201 pillow is not recommended to contain leaks of chemicals, acids, bases, and any other caustic liquid.


Dimensions are 25 cm wide by 25 cm long x 5 cm long.

40 pieces per box

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