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Large polyethylene funnel for Acids or Oils

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

The DRM680 Funnel is a useful tool for filtering or transferring liquids. This funnel is quick to pour, leaving no room for burps (burpless). It features an attached hinged lid to prevent it from being lost or separated from the funnel. Its neck is threaded brass and fits a 2” NPT plug opening.

The funnel ( DRM680 ), can be used on any steel or plastic IBC drum. In addition, its use with 33 and 55 in steel drums, gallons with 2” NPT. In its interior space the drainage is viable 6-1/2” high by 9” in diameter. Closed with padlock.

The New Pig Funnel ( DRM680 ) is made of polyethylene and has a brass stopper insert. Its burpless design vents during flow pouring without dangerous splashing, which allows unvented pouring into a possible closed container.


  • Among the main features of New Pig Funnel ( DRM680 ), we have the thick wall, 100 percent polyethylene construction that resists UV rays, oxidation, corrosion and most chemicals. Multiple lid color options allow additional drums to be segregated from filtration.
  • Its Burpless model allows you to pour without ventilation through a ¾” cap. Designed for use with non-hazardous liquids: refrigerants, non-flammable oils and water-based liquids. Secure to prevent any other access.
  • Notably, the built-in overfill preventer stops the flow when the drum is almost full to prevent messy overfills . For 113 L or 308 L steel or plastic drums with 2” NPT , 34cm diameter, x 33cm height.


  • This fume-free funnel vents as you pour for a fast, smooth flow, our large diameter funnels cover the entire top of the drum, for easy draining of parts.
  • Funnels are a good practice for draining, pouring and disposing of non-hazardous waste . A spill-proof funnel, resistant to UV rays, rust, corrosion and most chemicals.
  • In addition, they have a pop-up overfill indicator, a strainer that filters out metal chips, and a splash guard filter that removes large particles.


EPA-compliant New Pig Funnel ( DRM680 ) recommends locking funnels firmly into a plug opening to seal closed-head containers from hazardous liquid waste and prevent inhalation, vapor buildup and spills.

Use level gauges or overflow prevention devices to minimize overfilling of containers.

Pig burpless funnels go a long way in helping you comply with EPA hazardous waste regulations, which require that your drum must be kept closed, for this it has a one-hand latch that can open and close in seconds, for so your drum will always be securely covered without having to worry about a nut and bolt ring. These products are designed to promote compliance.

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