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HP High Performance Safety Harness

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

Are you looking for a safety harness that offers resistance, durability and comfort? Then don't miss out on this incredible deal: the Miller HP Performance Harness is on sale while supplies last.

The Miller HP high-performance harness is personal protective equipment designed to provide safety and comfort to workers performing activities at height. This harness has an exclusive band that is three times more resistant than conventional ones, which prevents it from breaking or being easily damaged by contact with construction materials, oils or hydrocarbons. Additionally, the band is easy to clean and does not degrade with these products.

The Miller HP harness also has padded and breathable pads on the back, belt and shoulders, which offer greater comfort and coolness to the user. The side integrated line rings and the back D-ring provide greater protection in the event of a fall, as the band does not deform and distributes impact force better.

The Miller HP high performance harness is personal protective equipment used for activities at height that involve the risk of falling. Some of the main uses are:

  1. - Construction work on buildings, bridges, towers or metal structures.
  2. - Work in confined spaces, such as tanks, pipes, wells or tunnels.
  3. - Maintenance or repair work on electrical, telecommunications or gas installations.
  4. - Rescue or emergency work in areas with difficult access or adverse conditions.
  5. - Arboriculture, pruning or felling of trees.
  6. - Work on towers or Telecommunications

The Miller HP harness gives you safety and comfort on any of these jobs, as it has a unique webbing that is three times stronger than conventional ones, padded and breathable pads on the back, belt and shoulders, and integrated line rings sides and a D-ring on the back that protect you in case of a fall.

The Miller HP harness is rated at 400 pounds (181.4 kg) and meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards.

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