Uvex lens cleaning station

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Rig Lizard®

The Rig Lizard Series
Specifically designed to provide maximum grip in difficult situations, with several options for dry, oil or mud work.

The ideal solution for oil, gas and mining hazards.

Personal security is a fundamental aspect that any company must have. The sense of sight is among the most essential to do any job.

The UVEX MODEL S483 lens cleaning station is ideal for keeping lenses clean and sanitized during use in the workplace.

The use of protective glasses is commonly mandatory in a company, prevention measures must be followed and this is why UVEX has a cleaning liquid at its station to keep on hand within work areas.

The liquid solution carefully treats the lens material, without scratching them and preventing them from fogging up during long work days.


  • The formula has been manufactured to carefully treat the coating of the lenses and prevent future scratches, with the aim of making them more durable items for each worker . It will also offer the user to work comfortably with perfect vision through the lenses.
  • The design of the UVEX station is a simple but very interesting design, which will help workers take care of and keep their protective glasses in good condition. With just one application you can remove any dirt from lenses, face shields or masks .
  • This product contains a cleaning solution, 4 boxes of 500 tissues, a mirror and screws or adhesive tape to install it on the wall. It is important to note that the scarves are made of non-rough fabrics.
  • The solution has a pleasant smell, does not contain alcohol or silicone. It can be used in low temperatures of -40⁰C.


  • This lens station is ideal for maintaining glasses or face masks in any industry, as well as for schools, laboratories, homes, businesses, among others.
  • You can clean the lenses in just 10 seconds, when they dry you will get a long-lasting and easy-to-do cleaning. Say goodbye to streaks and haze in your eyes during work.
  • Compact size to fit in any interior area without getting in the way


Its application is super easy, it is also recommended to have tissues within reach, then spray the solution on each side of the lens and then dry with the tissues.

It is a good option to keep the UVEX cleaning station in an accessible location, so that workers can comfortably approach it during their daily routine to clean safety glasses.

It is a liquid that should not be applied directly to the eyes. The station may need to be recharged when necessary and made a habit for personal safety.

The investment in safety implements such as the UVEX S483 cleaning station is a favorable increase in profits for the company. This is because the group of workers will do their work calmly and with the greatest confidence, because their effort will always be valued.


Helix® 1091 By HexArmor

Maximum dexterity and touch

Provides an ultra-comfortable feel along with a textured palm for a strong grip in dry, oily or wet conditions

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