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Filter for P100 Rigid particles

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

There are several accessories on the market, such as the 7580P100 filter , which help protect the respiratory system against environmental contaminants by compressing their concentration. This is possible in places where inhalation is unavoidable and which are below the occupational exposure limits.

Prior to selecting products to protect the respiratory system, it is ideal to identify and measure the contaminants that must be taken care of within the company's facilities, as well as the materials that will be handled. Likewise, it is important to verify if there is any oxygen deficiency and exaggerated temperatures in the work areas.

For highly secure protection, there is Honeywell North Series Filter ( 7580P100 ) that has been designed to minimize contamination from dusts, mists in paints or oils and fumes caused by welding.


  • The P100 Particulate Filter protects with a minimum of 99.97% filtering efficiency. In this case, the 758P100 series material was manufactured with solid PVC and a cellulose paper filter that will allow safe protection. These filters have been approved by NIOSH, responsible for the occupational health of workers.
  • The Honeywell North 7580P100 filters are compatible for the use of half-face masks models 5500 and 7700, as well as full masks models 5400, RU6500 and 7600.


  • Honeywell North designs the best equipment for respiratory protection, offering the maximum experience with products that meet the needs and safety of workers.
  • Honeywell North filters present this accessory to be used during long work days. Among the companies for which they have been allocated are: the fishing, agricultural, petrochemical, construction, fire brigade, industrial area, among others.
  • Its use should be directed to companies that require protection of the respiratory system from dust particles and mists. The protection solution is provided by Honeywell North , which has dedicated an exclusive line for the comfort of workers, especially to be more productive without exhausting themselves.


Remember that these filters should not be used in spaces containing less than 19.5% oxygen. At the same time, it is not suggested to use in workplaces where this filter cannot cover personnel from other particles for which it was designed.

The instructions indicated by the manufacturer must be checked, so that what is necessary is fulfilled and no incident occurs. It is crucial to maintain the necessary implements for good protection, it is important to require personnel to protect themselves and the company is obliged to acquire these safety accessories.

Educating staff is the first step, offering them adequate training on the benefits and use of this equipment. The application of Honeywell North filters is very simple, but it is important to demonstrate that their use is mandatory.

Changing the 7580P100 filters should be done when staff begin to detect any odor or taste inside the mask.

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