Guía de limpieza del equipo de alturas

Cleaning guide for height equipment

For spot cleaning Honeywell Miller belts, harnesses and webbed ropes in a washing machine. We recommend the following procedures:

The product should be washed in a mesh bag to reduce heat washing shift, tearing and tangling which can cause damage to the seam or label of the product.

Wash with cold or warm water not exceeding 135°F

Use little soap or detergent that does not contain bleach.

Wash on regular cycle and drain.

Remove items from mesh bag and easily hang to dry at room temperature. Do not dry clean.

Check the products carefully before returning them to service. See the inspection products reference guide.

Note: Machine washing may cause wear or softness of the seam and may reduce the life of the product.

We did not recommend that workers share personal protective equipment (PPE). It is recommended that each worker always have their PPE for personal use only. Most equipment is specifically sized for the worker and is for individual use, it will be the best protective equipment as long as it is verified before each use.

Stay safe and clean

Cleaning Recommendations for Honeywell Miller Harnesses

For your safety, it is important to follow safety rules as well as appropriate recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting Honeywell Miller fall protection equipment.

Harness Safety Guidelines:

Risks – Always read instructions and warnings

Inspection – All fall protection equipment must be inspected inside before each use.

Training – All workers must be trained by a qualified person

Regulations – Understand federal, state, local and interim regulations that apply to protective equipment before choosing and using the equipment.

Rescue approach – minimize the time between an incident, fall and medical attention in the rescue plan.

After a fall – After an incident, all components of the fall system stop and must be removed to continue service.

Work with professional security – Honeywell Miller reaches out for your professional security with a few questions.


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