Tecnología en protección visual Uvex: Hay una para ti

Uvex visual protection technology: There is one for you

The Uvex brand is committed to protecting the user at work, quality vision is essential for optimal performance. Protective glasses must guarantee sharp visibility to eliminate risks.

It is in this mission that the brand has developed Spectrum Control technology, better known as SCT, for its acronym in English Spectrum Control Technology®, which establishes the ability of a lens to manage light and thus reduce the risk of exposure. to a specific spectrum.

SCT technology incorporates certain colors into the lenses, which absorb specific wavelengths of light for each color or tint of the lens, depending on the environment and use.

Know the color that works for you:

Are you exposed to sunlight or arc flash?

For external general electrical or telephone work officials, installations of

communication or, if you are usually exposed to sunlight at its zenith, gray tinted SCT lenses are for you, since they filter 99.9% of UVA and UVB radiation up to 400 nm, 93% of harmful sunlight and 85 % of infrared radiation present. Protection against IR (Infrared) is equivalent to that of the tone 2.0 welding lens. With the gray Uvex SCT only 15% of the available light passes through its polycarbonate lens and still provides true color recognition, allowing the operator to easily differentiate the color of the cables.

It also meets the requirements of ANSI Z80. 3.1996 so it is also suggested for general use, driving or outside work in addition to if you are at risk of exposure to electric arc, explosion or radiation that the arc causes as a result.

Do you work in internal and external environments?

We invite you to try the SCT -Reflect 50 which provides comfortable outdoor visibility without obscuring indoor vision.

Forklift operators, stackers, delivery workers, loaders, drivers, among other activities, require entering and leaving, constantly changing environments. If these operators use photosensitive medications, have had cataract surgery, or suffer from a retina-related disease, their eyes will be even more vulnerable to light.

For those workers who have activities in both indoor and outdoor environments, the Uvex lens with SCT-Reflect 50 was specially developed to eliminate reflection from internal lighting applications, which can cause eye fatigue or to allow easy transition between the environment. internal and external.

Its lens is clear, has a mirror coating and visible light transmission of approx. fifty%. That is, only 50% of visible light passes through the lens. In addition, it absorbs 99.9% of UVA and UVB radiation above 385 nm and also provides true color recognition.

Do you usually expose yourself to blue light?

If you work with UV lamps, medical or academic, with coatings or UV curing paint, are a dental hygienist or simply want to reduce reflection in blue light operations, the Uvex with SCT-Orange is ideal for your needs, as it was Designed for use in the dental industry or other industries that use UV lamps for drying materials.

It offers great spectral protection, absorbing violet, blue and some green wavelengths emitted by drying lamps. It also helps reduce eye fatigue since the violet and blue light areas of the spectrum are not well defined by the eye. However, when they are filtered, the contrast will increase and make it easier for the details to be distinguished with the eyes. And like the previous ones, it absorbs more than 99.9% of UVA and UVB radiation.

Are you in a place with a high level of yellow lighting?

In the semiconductor industry and sometimes in some food processing plants, yellow light using sodium vapor and reflections is used. In these conditions, the SCT-Blue lenses will neutralize their effects to reduce eye fatigue, the color distortion present and thus improve productivity.

Do you work under strong lighting?

For indoor environments with fluorescent and halogen lighting, packaging areas, hospitals and operating rooms where nurses and doctors are exposed to intense, harsh lighting, lenses with SCT-Vermilion (pink) will reduce glare and increase contrast without compromising image perception. color. They are also recommended in inspection operations to enhance tones or provide contrast and give better inspection results.

SCT Pink lenses stimulate vision and provide contrast similar to the amber lens but not as dramatic. Workers who perform product inspection under fluorescent lighting recognize that this technology is ideal for detecting defects. Whether it is visual inspection on circuit boards, miniature parts and assembly work.

Use for driving or general use should be avoided.

Do you need protection against infrared or heat?

SCT-Low IR lens tinting is ideal if you require protection against infrared, arc flash and IR radiation or where heat is present.

Pale green in color and TLV of 80%, it filters 99.9% of UV radiation and 40% of the infrared radiation that may be present, a protection percentage equivalent to a 1.2 shade welding lens. It is ideal for general internal work.

Recognition of essential colors will not be affected.

They are also a good choice for welding environments, over welding helmets where primary eye protection is necessary, or for people walking near welding areas. Just like where ovens are used, the absorption of the heated IR energy will help keep the eye cool.


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