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Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor

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Proporciona una resistencia a los cortes, perforaciones y abrasión líder en la industria

A robust hydrogen sulfide H2S sensor suitable for portable life safety applications, safely delivering high ranges up to 1000 ppm
It is manufactured for a wide variety of Bw Technologies brand models. Extremely small size.

This replacement Sensor is compatible with a wide variety of BW detector models Offers a measurement range of 0-100ppm operation for H2S


Range 0-100 ppm H2S;
Maximum Rank 1000ppm
Filter Included To remove TLV Levels that interfere with the sensor
Sensitivity 0.105+-1 A/ppm
T50 Response <10 Seconds at 20°C
T90 Response 25 to 40 Seconds at 20°C


Temperature range -40°C to +50°C
Storage temperature 0°C to 20°C
Humidity Range 15-90 RH Uncondensed

Time of life

Long Term Span Sensitivity <5% Signal/Month
Storage 0°C to 20°C
Storage 6 Months in its container
Operation time 2 years
Warranty 2 Year

While CiTiceLs are designed to be highly specific for the gas they are intended to measure, they will still respond to a certain extent to various other gases. The following table is not exclusive and other gases are not included in the table.
can still cause a sensor to react.

Gas Concentration Used (ppm) MICROceL CF (ppm CO)
Hydrogen Sulfide, H2 S fifteen < 0.5
Sulfur Dioxide, SO2 5 ±0.1
Nitric Oxide, NO 35 <6
Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2 twenty ±1
Hydrogen, H2 100 < 40
Ethanol, C2 H5 OH 200 ±1

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